Effective sales

Effective sales

Effective sales or new knowledge as a powerful weapon to attract new customers

Who is the training for?

The training is intended for those employees of the marketing and sales departments who often meet with clients during their work or who actively use the phone and want to improve their abilities.

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and special abilities, participants will be able to:

  • significantly increase work efficiency, master the practical technique of overcoming difficulties and barriers during communication,
  • create conditions for long-term relationships with potential and existing clients,
  • get acquainted with telephone ethics and develop effective communication skills of communication on the phone, actively communicate, manage emotions and nerves, influence the interlocutor, etc.
  • preserve, develop practical ethics, and also adapt the other side into your side,
  • effectively and attractively present a product or service over the phone, as well as understand the needs of the consumer and be able to satisfy them,
  • build telephone communications based on the principles of creating a company’s image and managing customer relations.
Methods and types of training:
  • practical and role-playing games,
  • analysis of practical cases,
  • theoretical presentation materials,
  • discussions within the group,
  • video recording and analysis of the recorded material.
  • Training program «Effective sales»

The image and behavior of a successful seller:

1.1. Key characteristics of a successful seller:
  • The importance of first impressions
  • Features of the presentation of products and services,
  • Ways and methods of securing a long contact,
  • Practical game.
1.2. Methods for developing communication skills, overcoming insecurity.
  • Features and difficulties in strengthening unrestrained relationships,
  • The art of hearing, identifying the latent and explicit needs of the client, the ability to understand and help.
  • Practical game.


1.3. Effective ways to ask the question:
  • The ability to ask questions,
  • Types of questions,
  • Methods to actively listen,
  • Practical game.
1.4. Maintaining constant contact and features of working with a client:
  • How to understand a customer’s motivation when buying a product,
  • How can this knowledge be used when communicating and presenting product benefits,
  • Overcoming the reasons for the debate,
  • Working with debates,
  • Case discussion.

Multi-client strategy

1.5. Typology of clients and the main strategies for working with them:
  • The main psychological types of clients,
  • Determination of the type of client and the peculiarities of working with each of them.
1.6. Effective verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • The importance of facial expressions and gestures during communication,
  • Information regarding the client,
  • Using facial expressions and gestures while communicating with clients.

Stress and stress management

1.7. Stress management and relaxation:
  • The ability to achieve emotional balance,
  • Overcoming fatigue when dealing with clients.
1.8. Development of abilities and discussion of individual cases.

Presentation of certificates.

The total duration of the training «Telephone sales» is 8 hours.

Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate from the «Sensei» marketing academy and the Armenian Marketing Association.

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