The Armenian Marketing Association provides marketing and sociological research of the Armenian markets, including commercial and social, qualitative and quantitative research.

The Armenian Marketing Association carries out research using a wide range of methods. The methods are selected based on the goals and objectives of the research. An arsenal of modern techniques and techniques is used for the solution of each task. The methods are agreed upon with the client and adapted to the needs of each project.

Quantitative methods:
  • Face to face interview,
  • Omnibus,
  • Telephone interviews using landline phones,
  • CATI,
  • CAWI,
  • CAPI,
  • Hall tests,
  • Retail network research / retail audit /,
  • Mystery Shopping.
Qualitative methods:
  • Focus group discussions («standard», mini-groups),
  • Individual interviews (in-depth, expert),
  • Friendly dyads / triads,
  • Home visits, observations (with homework for the respondents),
  • Telephone interviews,
  • Creative focus groups,
  • Brain-storming session,
  • Diary research.
Human resources:

The Association employs eight specialists in qualitative research and 75 specialists in quantitative research, 45 interviewers in Yerevan, and 30 in the regions (this is a good indicator, given that Armenia’s population is about 2,900,000). All specialists have implemented from 4 to 10 (and more) projects within the research activities framework. The highest quality of the conducted research is ensured by constant verification of interviews, detailed briefings both for interviewers from Yerevan and regions. Quality check 20% + is carried out by phone. Also, if necessary, repeated visits to respondents are carried out. The work is carried out within the territory of the whole country, in all marzes and villages. Many localities may be challenging to reach in winter, so interviewers’ presence is ensured on the spot to minimize risks.

Technical equipment:

Since 2008, the Association has a CATI studio. The office has 15 workstations equipped with the latest laptops and access to high-speed Internet. Besides that, there are four city phone lines and nine mobile phones, a focus group room with a one-way mirror, and all the necessary equipment. The Association also has a mini-printing house equipped with HP3700 and IP1300 color laser, inkjet printers, and an RZ200 resograph.

The Association has implemented around 300 research projects. The Association customers are private companies, public organizations, international research centers, international organizations, embassies operating in Armenia, government agencies, and ministries. The Association implements projects for food and beverage producers, companies, and NGOs operating in Armenia. The geography of partners covers Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Turkey, Germany, and many other countries. The Armenian Marketing Association has also implemented several research projects commissioned by European agencies and the US Embassy.

Since 2006, the Association has been participating in implementing the cross-country study Eurasian Monitor (analog of the Eurobarometer). In particular, the Armenian Marketing Association specialists conducted marketing and sociological research on more than 20 markets.

Below is a list of completed projects:
  • Analysis of the dairy market (Armenia)
  • Analysis of the market of fish farming and fish products (Armenia)
  • Market research of leather and footwear products (Armenia, Russia)
  • Market analysis of flower products (RF, Armenia, Holland, Colombia, UAE)
  • Analysis of the vegetable market (Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia)
  • Research of the readership of the «Capital Market in Armenia» magazine (Yerevan)
  • Analysis of the beer market (Yerevan)
  • Market research of printing and publishing (Armenia)
  • Ice cream market analysis (Yerevan)
  • Study of water supply problems (Yerevan)
  • Tea Consumption Market Analysis (Yerevan)
  • Research of the alcoholic drinks market (Armenia)
  • Analysis of the market of chocolate products (Armenia)
  • Study of the TV and Radio Market (Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor)
  • Analysis of the print media distribution market (Armenia)
  • Market analysis of digital copiers (Armenia)
  • Development of a plan to promote the products of Ijevan Wine Factory CJSC

In addition, the Armenian Marketing Association has experience in conducting research in areas such as

  • education
  • medicine
  • state control
  • corruption, etc.
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