The Best Armenian Brand
survey participants
The Armenian Marketing Association was founded in 2002 by a group of marketing professionals to develop the marketing sector in Armenia. The association implements projects in the fields of research, education, consulting, and adds new programs to the portfolio of the projects every year.

Based on public opinion, the Armenian Marketing Association has been awarding diplomas and prizes to the best companies in the Armenian market since 2013 in the scope of «The Best Armenian Brand» project.

The aim of the «The Best Armenian Brand» project is to highlight the high quality of products and services of Armenian companies, as well as to encourage companies to be more competitive in their fields.

The Armenian Marketing Association gives «The Best Armenian Brand» awards based on the results of a survey conducted by Gallup International Association’s research company MPG Armenia and on Expert Assessments from the Members of the Marketing Association.

Տարվա Լավագույն Բրենդ
Տարվա Լավագույն Բրենդ