Branding, Design and Web Design

Branding, Design and Web Design

We create brands develop sites, logos, corporate styles, as well as the design of printing, large-format and other types of advertising.

I am convinced that the problem is solved by thought and idea, not by «vignettes and play of colors», therefore, I use common sense, a sense of proportion, and good taste in my work. I try to delve into the specifics of the client’s work as much as possible and do not hesitate to ask hundreds of clarifying questions. I care about both parties’ legal security, so I legally purchase photographs, fonts, and other materials for work. I am extremely sensitive to language.

Art Director Дизайнер Александр Глазунов

This approach allows us to create effective advertising even with a very abstract formulation of the problem, however, it has a downside — we can not afford a «democratic price» and super-tight deadlines.

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