Hovhannes Tovmasyan

Hovhannes Tovmasyan

Оганес Товмасян


  • Media business — television, internet, radio.
  • Marketing, advertising, branding.
  • Sociology and relations.
  • Strategic marketing and consulting.


He has 20 years of experience in leadership in television, radio and media in general. One of the key designers of the largest media holding in Armenia since 2000.

  • Certified Marketing Expert with 25 years of experience.
  • Специалист по медиа бизнесу, теле-коммерции и рекламной сфере.
  • Marketing Specialist and Lecturer at the Yerevan Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  • Marketing Lecturer at the Armenian State University of Economics.
  • Founder and CEO of PBM Media House and Media TV agencies
  • An expert in advertising campaigns and social activity, more than 60 partners and companies.
  • Consultant in social activities and corporate activities.
  • Organizer of numerous events of a wide format. (concerts, forums, presentations)
  • Over the years, he was the commercial director of Armenia TV, ArmNews, Nor Hayastan.
  • Independent auditor for marketing and business strategy.
  • Sales coach, effective commerce in the service sector.