Telephone sales

Telephone sales

Telephone sales

Telemarketing fundamentals or new knowledge as a powerful way to attract new customers

Who is the training for?

The training is designed for those employees of organizations who are constantly in contact with consumers or partners, for those who answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls (FRONT-office and BACK-office) want to improve their skills.

Thanks to the knowledge gained during the training, participants will be able to:
  • significantly increase work efficiency, master the practical technique of overcoming difficulties and barriers during communication,
  • create conditions for long-term relationships with potential and existing clients,
  • get acquainted with telephone ethics and develop effective communication skills of communication on the phone, actively communicate, manage emotions and nerves, influence the interlocutor, etc.
  • preserve, develop practical ethics, and also adapt the other side into your side,
  • effectively and attractively present a product or service over the phone, as well as understand the needs of the consumer and be able to satisfy them,
  • build telephone communications based on the principles of creating a company’s image and managing customer relations.
Methods and types of training:
  • practical and role-playing games,
  • analysis of practical cases,
  • theoretical presentation materials,
  • discussions within the group,
  • video recording and analysis of the recorded material.

Training program «Telephone sales»

1. Features of telephone communication:
  • Advantages and disadvantages of telephone communications
  • Distribution of telephone conversations and types of telephone calls
2. Basic skills of telephone communication and telephone conversations:
  • Using voice control to establish positive contact
  • Self-control techniques, stages of psychological preparation,
  • Preparing for a conversation with a consumer (client)
3. «You Call» telephone conversations
  • The main problem of finding clients and ways to solve it,
  • The main stages of the conversation and the strategy of action,
  • Overcoming prohibitions and creating agreements with secretaries, deputies, professionals, and other scenarios. Ability to reach the right person.
4. «Calling You» telephone conversations
  • The telephone as an integral part of the company’s image,
  • How to say hello, introduce yourself, clarify the identity of the caller,
  • Methods for preparing telephone scripts,
  • Reinforcement of effective communication during a telephone conversation,
  • Evaluation of telephone interviews, analysis and corrections.
5. Handling objections by phone
  • Basic techniques for working with objections,
  • Typical expressions of influence and opposition, desirable and undesirable examples,
  • List of objections,
  • Techniques for working with the temperament of the client,
  • How to deliver bad news without harming the company’s image?
6. Ending a phone call
  • How do I end the conversation?
  • When does the moment of sale come and how not to miss it?
  • Repetition and consolidation of agreements, discussion of additional conditions for a meeting or conversation,
  • What to do after the conversation?
  • Presentation of certificates.

The total duration of the training «Telephone sales» is 8 hours.

Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate from the «Sensei» marketing academy and the Armenian Marketing Association.

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