Marketing Policy

Marketing Policy

Having a competent and effective marketing policy

is important for the functioning and development of enterprises, therefore the Armenian Marketing Association includes in the range of its services the development of an enterprise’s marketing policy, which is a logical continuation of research.

Marketing policy

is developed in order to consolidate the current principles of the company’s marketing activities, based on the specifics of its functioning in a specific market sector. Marketing policy is a tool that influences the formation of market prices. This document contains information about the company’s prices, discounts, economic significance, and effectiveness of its marketing and advertising activities. This document contains a set of decisions on the interaction of pricing policy with methods of stimulating the company’s sales policy. The marketing policy sets out and justifies the procedure for determining the price of the sale of goods and services depending on factors that are significant for the enterprise or company, such as sales lots, total sales, terms, and procedure of payment, the importance of the buyer in the relevant market. This document is the main document in the implementation of the company’s sales activities and allows you to justify the applied prices for taxation.

The marketing policy fixes such marketing activities of the company:
  • Organization of collection and analysis of marketing information
  • Conducting promotional and trade marketing events, merchandising
  • Programs for distributors and resellers
  • Assortment policy
  • Organization of relationships with commercial agents and retail structures
  • Specific elements of marketing activities aimed at opinion leaders in the company’s field of activity

Thus, the marketing policy of the enterprise includes a product and price policy and policy of sales, promotion of goods on the market.

The Armenian Marketing Association, jointly with the MPG company, is ready to provide these services.

At the same time, the services are provided by specialists retrained in Greece, USA, Russia, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, etc. All of them have experience in marketing for at least 15 years. Many of our specialists have managed marketing departments in various consulting companies, and also acted as consultants to government agencies. The organization’s consultants have experience of working with the following organizations: Eurocommission Delegation, Food Provision Project, Eurasia Foundation, OXFAM, TACIS, ProSME, SEMA, IATC, Sodeteg, IREX, INTERNEWS, ProMEDIA, US State Department ECA, World Learning, IESC Representation, ProMEDIA , CYSCA (Boston), Eurasian Monitor (Moscow), Beeline (Yerevan, Moscow), Beaujolais (Moscow), Indepts (Moscow), Quanttec (Moscow), Gamma (Tbilisi), Romir, TNC (Moscow), Market Sense (Moscow) ), Norman Russia (Moscow), ACT (Tbilisi), US Embassy, ​​USAID, UNDP, ULTEX Market Research (Moscow), NOMAND GROUP (Moscow), Mico. Ink. (Saint Petersburg).

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