Educational program «NIMA Marketing-A»

Educational program «NIMA Marketing-A»

«Sensei» marketing academy together with the Armenian Marketing Association exclusively presents the International Qualification Program for Professional Marketing Training from the Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA), The Netherlands

What is NIMA?

The Netherlands Marketing Institute (NIMA) is a European marketing association with over 3000 members. In 2016, NIMA celebrated its 50th anniversary.

NIMA has been working in Armenia for over 10 years, having managed to train more than 300 professionals during this time.

NIMA is a member of the EMC (European Marketing Confederation), which includes over 250,000 professionals from Europe.

The exams conducted by the association are accredited by the EQF (European Qualifications Framework). Thus, the NIMA / EMC diploma is a document confirming the qualifications of a marketer according to the unified EU certification system.

NIMA MARKETING-A is selected by:

  • Managers with up to 1 year work experience
  • PR and advertising managers
  • Marketing managers without work experience
  • Graduates of universities
  • Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Novice marketers
  • Sales Managers, Content Managers and Copywriters
  • Brand manager assistants and internet marketers

Professional skills of graduates

NIMA Marketing-A

  • Conduct independent mini-marketing research
  • Plan and administer advertising campaigns and other marketing activities
  • Analyze the current situation and apply relevant marketing strategies
  • Organize events aimed at attracting clients
  • Skillfully perform operational tasks within the company’s marketing policy
  • Identify the main competitors and advantages of your company
  • Develop a marketing mix as part of a marketing plan
  • Define a market for goods and services, predict customer behavior



Recruitment to the NIMA — A training group takes place 2 times a year. The start and end dates of classes depend on the dates of the Unified Independent European Exam

Seat availability

The number of places in the group is limited


The term of study is 3 – 4 months.


Date of the Unified International Certification Exam is appointed directly by the Netherlands Marketing Institute

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