Partnership in RA and abroad

Partnership in RA and abroad

Search and find partners

for both Armenian and foreign companies located in Armenia and abroad one of the most important services provided by the Armenian Marketing Association.

The service includes following,

the Armenian Marketing Association provides business support for various projects related to

  • import and export of goods and services
  • franchising
  • opening of representative offices, etc.

providing information and documentary support to companies.

The Association is looking for partners for the most optimal, effective and productive cooperation, which, in turn, may affect the general level of economic development in Armenia.

Armenian Marketing Association

over the years of its existencehas accumulated solid experience in this field of activity, working on the projects «Export Catalog of Armenia / Transcaucasia». As a result of the implementation of these projects, there are already numerous positive shifts:

today many Armenian companies have foreign partners and effectively cooperate with them. The Association is ready to share its experience in order to successfully develop your business.

Most of the companies operating in Armenia

do not have great opportunities to search and find partners abroad, which is associated, firstly, with significant financial costs, and secondly, with the lack of trained marketing personnel.

So, on the one hand, for Armenian businessmen wishing to fruitfully cooperate with various foreign companies.

There is an opportunity to qualitatively implement the conceived project without spending extra time and effort on it, since the Association undertakes all the routine work.

On the other hand, the Armenian Marketing Association, having a database of Armenian companies, is ready to help foreign companies in finding a necessary and valuable partner in Armenia.

Partnership search and implementation service

The Association is of great practical importance, since it is thanks to it that it is possible to establish effective partner relations between Armenian and foreign businesses.

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