The WIFI 2012-2013 program is over!

The WIFI 2012-2013 program is over!

Another WIFI program for managers and entrepreneurs, which consisted of two stages, was successfully completed.

First phase

During the first stage, participants covered training program with the famous trainer Maximilian Fedinger from November 8 to November 11 on the topic of finance, management, marketing and logistics.

Second phase

The second stage of the WIFI program began on April 7, 2013 , which lasted seven days.During these days a delegation from Armenia traveled to Vienna, Wels and Salzburg.

During the trip, participants
  • visited factories of interest to them,
  • got acquainted with the production of Austrian products
  • participated in a business forum organized by the Austrian Chamber of Economics

with the aim of creating partnerships.

Participants also had a rich cultural program, including visits to museums, acquaintance with the sights of cities, as well as a visit to the Vienna Philharmonic.

The trip ended with a solemn ceremony of presentation of international diplomas by representatives of the Austrian Chamber of Economics in the city of Wels.

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