New Professional Retraining Program

New Professional Retraining Program

27 November 2012
Armenian Marketing Association ( together with the Austrian Chamber of Economics ( and MC&M (Medical Competence and Marketing Co) ( announce the recruitment of 20 participants for this program.

The program consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1: Competitive selection of participants

Within the first stage, the Armenian Marketing Association recruits members who must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a middle or senior manager in a medical institution (polyclinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies, ophthalmology, dental centers and SPA salons)
  • Be fluent in Russian.

Stage 2: Business trip to Austria (April 7-14)

At this stage, the Armenian Marketing Association, WIFI and MC&M are organizing a one-week trip to Austria, which will consist of 3 parts:

1.1. Austrian health experts will organize two days of training on the following topics:
  • Features of strategic management in medical centers
  • Choosing a strategy for promoting medical services (marketing and advertising of medical services)
  • European quality standards and requirements for the range of medical services
  • Issues of pricing for medical services, calculation of the cost of medical services
  • Features of financial management in the medical business
  • Selection and professional development of the personnel of medical centers
  • Corporate values and culture. Formation of joint values of a medical institution.
1.2. Participants will visit the following institutions and medical centers in Austria:
  • Visit to the Ministry of Health (Department of International Relations)
  • Private hospital visits
  • Private laboratory visits
  • Visits to private diagnostic centers
  • Contact exchange — meeting with potential partners
  • Visits to private SPA / medical centers.
1.3. Upon completion of the program, all program participants will receive a Certificate from WIFI and MC&M.

The terms of participation

The cost of the program is 1.700.000 AMD. All logistics costs and work are included in the cost of the program, in particular, the organization and conduct of high-quality training programs in Austria, visa and air tickets, accommodation in 3-4 star hotels in Austria, two meals a day, individual and group travel costs, translation services. To obtain a Schengen visa, the Armenian Marketing Association provides all participants with an official invitation from the Austrian Chamber of Economics.

The Armenian Marketing Association has signed an agreement with the «Sensei» marketing academy, according to which the Academy solves all administrative issues related to this program. For additional information and participation in the program, you can contact Ani Hunanyan (093 525 525), Luiza Takhunts (091 55 00 54) and Ani Ishkhanyan (055 84 11 80).

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