Eurasian week

Eurasian week

Eurasian Week is the largest international business forum in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Since 2016, the forum has been held annually in the capitals of the EAEU countries. In 2019, Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, will host the forum. Participants and guests of the forum were given a unique opportunity to work on the territory of the State Residence No. 1 «Ala-Archa,» where the most important economic and political events of the country take place.

Eurasian week

The purpose of the forum is to present the possibilities and potential of the EAEU countries to the whole world to develop a methodology and jointly shape the economy. The forum serves to create a network of direct B2B contacts and attract companies from third countries as potential consumers and investors to develop competitive and export-oriented products.

The forum’s central theme in 2019 is, to sum up, the results of the first five years of the Eurasian Economic Union and its role in the global world community. Topics of strategic sessions will be devoted to defining vectors of further development, analyzing implemented cases, developed and implemented mechanisms, and identifying integration points of growth.

The exhibition has a special place in the program form, which is focused primarily on solving practical problems of economic integration. Companies that want to demonstrate their developments are invited to participate, and those who are looking for business solutions. Eurasian Week is a real platform for solving common problems.

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