Training programs

The Armenian Marketing Association has been running training programs since 2002. In addition to the NIMA and WIFI programs, the Association implements a number of other programs in marketing, management, corporate culture, corporate law, corporate responsibility, etc., including:

Corporate training programs
  • Short-term courses
  • Personnel retraining
  • Seminars on marketing and other topics
  • Practical seminars
  • Master classes
  • Instructions
  • Coaching

More and more companies in various fields of activity recognize the importance and need for personnel training, particularly in the form of corporate seminars and training programs. These companies are ready to invest in human resources development as the «human factor» affects the success and profitability of an enterprise, company, or organization.

These courses are for people who:

The trainings and courses provided by the Armenian Marketing Association are intended for both companies and individuals who want to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. Our training programs and courses are specially designed, adapted and meet all modern educational standards and market requirements.

Goals of training program

By implementing these programs, the Association strives to help Armenian companies function productively and occupy a leading position in the market. It also seeks to help these companies comply with the European level of doing business and achieve each employee’s personal efficiency.

The Armenian Marketing Association can help you increase the level of efficiency of your company through specially designed training programs, seminars, short-term professional courses, coaching and other programs. In addition, the Association develops individual programs taking into account the characteristics of a particular enterprise or company.

In order to pass the training required for your company, fill out an application for participation.

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