20 courses on NIMA Marketing — A have begun

20 courses on NIMA Marketing — A have begun

Duration of training: March 2018 — June 2018

Training format: Online seminars, practical assignments, trainers’ feedback, coaching

Language of training: Russian

Application deadline: 20.02.2017

What is NIMA?

The Netherlands Marketing Institute (NIMA) is a Dutch marketing association with a long tradition and modernity, with over 3000 members.

Dear colleagues!

In December 2017, «Sensei» marketing academy in cooperation with the Armenian Marketing Association announces the 20th admission to the European Certified Marketing Courses NIMA Marketing-A.

In cooperation with the Netherlands Marketing Institute (NIMA) (www.nima.nl) and the Netherlands Education and Training Center (ETCN) (www.etcn.nl), the Armenian Marketing Association has become the official and exclusive partner of ETCN (http: // www.etcn.nl/partners) since 2007 and received the right to conduct training programs accredited by NIMA and the European Marketing Confederation (www.emc.be).

These training courses are interactive sessions where the knowledge and experience of the participants are taken into account in addition to the training program. One of the important features is that, in addition to theoretical knowledge, the training participants also receive practical skills in implementing the company’s marketing activities. These skills make it possible to increase the organization’s competitiveness, increase the company’s profitability, and maintain consumer loyalty to the company and its products.

Nineteen groups with more than 250 specialists who work in various leading companies in Armenia have undergone the «NIMA Marketing-A» retraining course since 2007. Among them are:

ASHTARAK-KAT, ARMECONOMBANK, ARMENTEL, AUTORADIO, ARTSAKHBANK, Grand Tobacco, Inecobank, «WWF» armenian branch, Armbusinessbank, Yerevan Brandy Company, Lumiere, Liqvor Pharmaceuticals, VivaCell, RUSAL ARMENAL, ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK service, Aversi Racional, Barsis, Nivea, Amikus, Rouge, Pharmexpert, ArmRusGasprom, Nycomed Austria GmbH, Sofarma, Vilamo, Sarmush, Nougat London, Jermuk Group, Finca, Coca-Cola, BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, Sandoz, American University of Armenia, Rivista Advertising Agency, Elitar Travel, DOM-DANIEL, Meda Pharmaceuticals, HORIZON-95, Pan Armenian Media Group, Russian-Armenian Slavonic University, Byblos Bank Armenia, Makur Jur, GMP LLC.

The majority of NIMA Marketing-A graduates, thanks to the acquired new knowledge and world-renowned NIMA and EMC Diplomas, have been promoted and improved their professional status in marketing.

NIMA Marketing-A programs comply with the EQF (European Qualification Framework), developed within the Copenhagen and Bologna Processes, and the EMQF (European Marketing Qualification Framework), developed jointly with the European Marketing Confederation. ETCN programs target working professionals and use the ETCN learning approach — competency-based education.

For over 20 years, ETCN has been providing high quality marketing training programs in Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

«NIMA Marketing-A» is designed for professionals who want to gain in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in marketing and obtain European certification as a specialist in marketing.

Requirements for applicants to the NIMA-A courses:
  • Higher or secondary professional education
  • Knowledge of Russian and preferably English
  • Work experience at least 6 months (preferably).
Training format

Starting in 2016, ETCN began implementing training programs using advanced technologies, making training more convenient for the participants. The participants study the main theoretical part in an online format. The face-to-face training part of upcoming programs is 30-40 percent. Webinars are also possible.


Participants receive a certificate from ETCN (Education and Training Center of the Netherlands), Armenian Marketing Association, and the «Sensei» marketing academy at the end of the training program.


After receiving the certificates, participants will be able to apply for the European Qualified Marketing Specialist Diploma («NIMA Marketing-A») exam in English from the Netherlands Institute of Marketing, accredited by the European Marketing Confederation http://emc.be/the-netherlands -institute-of-marketing-the-netherlands / (www.emc.be) and a diploma of the European Marketing Confederation at the level of EMQF 4 (European Marketing Qualification Framework http://emc.be/about-emcq/).

Program cost

The cost of a full course is 350,000 AMD(90 hours). Payment can be made according to a credit scheme, in three stages. Discounts are provided for a one-time payment or corporate participation (more than one participant). The price includes the cost of access to the online portal for participants, face-to-face meetings with trainers, consultations and coaching.

To register for the exam, participants pay a separate amount of 250,000 AMD.

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